All Stars return to San Rafael, California to perform at Kanbar Center for the Performing Arts on July 9th!

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Eagerly awaited record The Long Road is available now!

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We join Robert Plant, Tinariwen, Scroobius Pip and Kindness on this the eclectic album sharing the struggles faced by refugees and asylum seekers at a time of increased global conflict and migration.Order your copy from iTunes, Amazon and Google play and on Limited Edition Red vinyl!:

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars Team Up With British Red Cross to Record "The Long Road EP"

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Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars are working with the British Red Cross, and artists such as Robert Plant, Tinariwen, Scroobius Pip and Kindness to record a concept album recounting the struggles faced by refugees from around the world.  The album, entitled The Long Road, will be produced by Ethan Johns, one of Britain's top producers who has previously worked with artists such as Paul McCartney, Kaiser Chiefs, and Crosby, Stills and Nash.  For the album, each artist will pair with a refugee to the UK to find a way to tell his or her story.  This album announcement is part of the Red Cross Refugee Week, and is cited as an effort to reduce stigma surrounding refugees and asylum seekers, and to highlight their positive contributions to society.  You can read more about the project and pre-order the album, here.

Ebola Campaign Update

We would like to thank everyone who came to our shows these past few months and donated to our "Help Salone Heal" donation box designed by our multi-talented keyboardist/guitarist, Jahson.  We are happy to report that we collected $1,000.00 so far and have delivered it to WeOwnTV for their important work creating Public Service Announcements like the one you see above, educating citizens about Ebola prevention and control.  There is much more to be done before this epidemic is beaten, so thank you for helping us take this first step.

If you'd like to donate to WeOwnTV's Ebola Campaign please visit  

Help Salone Heal


We have launched a fund-and-awareness-raising campaign to end the deadly spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and other West African nations and we are requesting your help.  As you have no doubt heard by now, Ebola -- a flu-like disease that causes internal bleeding and leads to death in up to 90% of patients -- is spreading at an alarming rate in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria.  In an effort to help those in Sierra Leone, where the most cases of Ebola have thus far been reported, the band has teamed up with the Freetown media production team, We Own TV.  We Own TV is producing and disseminating vital public service announcements about effective methods of preventing Ebola in Sierra Leone, as the spread has largely been attributed to a lack of awareness of these simple yet vital prevention techniques.  Additionally, as Cumbancha Records' Jacob Edgar put it, "people should be made aware that the impact of the Ebola crisis is not only the death of many citizens, but also the serious damage the scare has done to the economies in the countries affected."  Even if the virus is able to be controlled, our regional economy will take a long time to bounce back.

And for us, we are worried.  Very worried.  All our families are in Sierra Leone and we are over in the US on tour.  It is so important that we do all we can from here to fight this horrible disease back home.  So at each show on the rest of the tour, we will be collecting donations to We Own TV and will continue to do so until the spread of the virus has stopped and no new patients are reported.  The donation box was designed by our keyboard/guitarist Jahson Bull and will be stationed at the merch table whenever possible.  If you can, consider dropping something inside, however small.  Or send what you can right now.  We Own TV is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.  

We know you have demands on your time, dollars and attention, so on behalf of all our families and the Sierra Leonean community, we deeply appreciate anything you are able to devote to this cause.

Thanks for listening.  See you soon.

-- The All Stars

New Album "LIBATION" Out Now!


This album celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the making of our first album Living Like a Refugee. Since that first album we’ve lived a life that once seemed unimaginable; we have toured the world, released more albums, and shared our music with thousands upon thousands of friends and fans. But while we keep rolling we never forget our roots. So this is our musical libation - an offering - to celebrate the blessings that our music has brought to us, to pay respect to the spirits of the musical brothers we have lost along the way, and to pay tribute to Mama Salone - the country whose culture, traditions, and rhythms infuse our music and fill our souls with pride.

With Love,

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

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